Motorola Development System
Miscellaneous Manuals

This picture shows the assembly of the Motorola stand alone computer. When first powered up it displays ADS 1.0 on the screen. It also contains basic in ROM.

This machine uses the same cpu and other PCB's as in the Motorola 6800 TDS system, and also the same RAM Board as in the Motorola Exorciser computer. It is also known as the Polyvalent Development System.

This is the PSU for the computer the outputs are:-

+12v, -12v and 5v, maximum current ratings not marked.

This is the CPU Board for the motorola stand alone computer. It is based around the 6800 processor. The notable IC's are:- 6800 CPU, 2 6850 UART's, 2 6821 PIA's, 3 6810 SRAM's, and an RS232 Chipset (MC1488, MC1489).

The two ROM's are labelled as:-

(U24) SCM39301L MIN/BUG
(U23) SCM44615L

The rest of the parts fitted to the board are all standard off the shelf components.

This is the monitor drive card for the computer, it has a zoom and an inverse text function. it has two 2114 sram chips for the video memory.

Motorola M68DIM6 50/60Hz

This is the hidden refresh memory board populated with 9 4116 sram chips. This board is also used in the Motorola Exorciser computer.
Motorola part No. MEX6816-1

This is the ROM PCB, populated with 2708 Eproms

Motorola Micromodule 4 8K/16K AROM/ROM

This is a tape interface for the machine mounted in a small box at the rear of the case.

This is the keyboard for the computer
Motorola Part No. M68KBD-1

This shows the printer that came with the computer, It uses conductive paper.
Made by Walther Electronic AG. Model No. ST 8000

If you have any information on the above machine or the boards then please let me know. Thanks